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Compare And Search Websites For Free With Shop In One

Shop In one offers a diverse range of websites. Some of these include retail shops, gambling, funny videos, motor sites and many more; which you can compare and browse. With over 100 websites to browse on, you can simply choose your category and compare and use what you want, when you want.

An added bonus is the way this compares to other sites. You have the freedom to choose a website you want to view that is listed. Or, you can search for your own site via the search bar. This is something you can’t do elsewhere and if you are still not satisfied with the current websites listed, you can send a feedback form requesting a site you would like to see and your request will be considered.

As a homepage, shop in one would be a great opportunity for you to use it as a ready-made search engine. It is purely fit for all ages, hence the diversity of categories in all areas.

Our top 3 favourite pages are as follows:

  • News – Catch up on the latest news worldwide. This area of shop in one allows you to search websites that may not be listed. However, you can request for them to be listed permanently.

    Motor sites – Browse the latest deals within the motors category.  Compare prices and insurance quotes using the two comparison boxes available.

    Funny Videos – Sit back and relax with some of the latest videos, photos and interesting things. This category varies which is why it is known to be a favourite.


    Shop in one is the ultimate homepage. Instead of opening windows/browser taps all the time, you can manage shop in one as your own homepage which you would never have to leave.

    As we are improving all the time, your feedback is crucial and valued highly in order to provide you what you want. After all, that is why we are here.


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